All bra wearing women know that the most comfiest of our bras, are our most worn out.  With too many wash cycles under their straps, the whites are grey, the blacks are faded .... but hey!  - they're our most comfortable bra and like a favorite pair of shoes, we don't want to say goodbye. 


Now you don't have to!  The bra-Zing will re-vitalize your bra into colors, patterns, designs, you had never imagined possible!

Seeing a woman wear a pretty tank top or gorgeous dress with straggly bra straps showing is not appealing.  What IS appealing, and "peel" is key here ... is bra strap covers that match every outfit you have, with a 20 second change-up.   All you do is peel away the adhesive covering on the back of your bra-Zing and press it to your existing bra strap.  

And ... bras are EXPENSIVE.  The bra-Zings are NOT.  You can get 3 "new bras" for the price of one regular one.  How's that for a bra-volution?   




Made in Los Angeles, and worn around the world!

We have created different sizes: lengths and widths to fit ANY bra wearing woman.  Here are some examples ... for more details click through to the next pages and shop!